The End of Mail Problems!


Available in a number of subscriptions


  • LiveArchive Always on, realtime archiving
  • AnitSpam Powerful SPAM controls
  • Web Filtering Protection that works anywhere with any web browser.
  • Encryption Send policy-based and on-demand encrypted email easily
  • Reporting Delivering a more accountable mail infrastructure

ExchangeDefender is an Internet messaging hygiene and business continuity system that keeps your users safe from email threats and keeps you in business. Your users will get much less SPAM and no viruses, they will be able to communicate if the server or network connection goes down and you will get the business reporting and control over your organization’s messaging. All at a single price, from the single provider that develops, manages and supports the entire solution.

Exchange Defender Features


  • Proprietary tempfail mechanisms keep obvious SPAM from clogging your users reports.
  • Keeping you off blacklists by enforcing SPF and Domainkeys and scanning outgoing email.
  • Making your employees more productive by giving them control over their spam and policies.
  • Full outbound scanning with MagicKey automatically whitelists responses and bypasses SPAM filters.

Web Filtering

  • Agent-based web filtering with over 80 site categories.
  • Protection that works in office and on the road with any web browser.
  • Realtime per-user reports help isolate problem sites and resource misuse.
  • Custom URL lists allow for a flexible enforcement and exceptions.


  • Provides multithreaded protection using 6 different commercial antivirus engines.
  • Protecting you from viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware.
  • Stopping identity theft by blocking phishing and adding authenticity to your mail messages.
  • Eliminates worthless traffic with phishing links and mailbombs.

Web File Sharing

  • Secure and policy-controlled web file storage and sharing portal.
  • 128-bit SSL security and optional password protected file storage.
  • Full audit reporting of all activity and extension policy blocking.
  • Regulatory compliance featuring automatic content expiration and access notification.


  • Always-on, realtime archiving powered by Exchange 2010 across 2 data centers.
  • Up to 1 year of inbound and outbound mail actionable through Outlook Web Access.
  • Keeping you in business using our secure standby servers with your identity.
  • No management, maintenance, manual switches or software to install.


  • Policy-based encryption rules to mandate encryption to/from email addresses and domains.
  • No software to install and configure, fully transparent process to the sender.
  • Standards based TLS/SSL SMTP combined with 128bit SSL encrypted web application.
  • On-demand encryption for instant encryption without policy rule management.

Archiving & Compliance

  • Flexible, long-term archiving for 1-10 years.
  • Exchange Journaling technology assures full archiving of all inbount, outbound and interoffice email.
  • Fast Microsft SQL 2008 indexing provides quick search results in emails as well as attachments.
  • Affordable archiving with storage fees that grow with your business.


  • Enabling you to be more productive and efficient through ExchangeDefender Client Software.
  • Delivering a more accountable mail infrastructure with user, network and business KPI reports.
  • Full message previews in realtime through the portal and email Daily and Intraday digests.
  • Full integration with Autotask and ConnectWise for support, statistics, billing and configurations.